Zombie Converting Site: Make Me A Zombie

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An artificial intelligence-powered website called Make Me a Zombie adds highly successful zombie filters to the photos you upload in seconds.

When it comes to Halloween, ‘horror’ themed content is among the most indispensable elements of Halloween events. When it comes to fear, vampires and zombies are the most preferred subjects. Among us Halloween Costumes

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The Makemeazombie.com website has been published as a very good alternative for those who want to make themselves a zombie mask for Halloween but do not want to be content with Instagram filters.

trump zombie

Make Me a Zombie is not a big difference from other artificial intelligence supported face filter applications. All you have to do is upload a photo you want to the website and make Me A Zombie! Pressing the button.

Biden Zombie

The artificial intelligence tool adds a very successful zombie filter to the face in the photo you upload in seconds and brings it to you. It is also possible to download the filtered image by clicking the Download button right below the image.

The secret of Make Me a Zombie is that it matches the zombie faces in the database with the uploaded photo instead of adding an automatic filter, and chooses the most suitable zombie filter. While the results are not enough to play in The Walking Dead, they are ideal for sharing on Instagram Stories.

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