Would you like to visit your relative in the British? “You have to get an entry permit next year.”

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Britain left the European Union three years ago. At the end of the 11-month transition period after the termination of EU membership (Brexit), the conservative British government withdrew the country from the EU’s single internal market and customs union, as it did not want to fulfill those conditions – above all, the free settlement and employment of EU employees in Great Britain rights – which are inextricably linked to these integration organizations.

Already after Brexit, London indicated that over time those arriving for short periods of time for the purpose of visiting and tourism will also need an entry permit, including those who can currently enter the country without a visa. According to the details presented by the British Ministry of the Interior on Thursday, the online document called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) must be issued by Qatari citizens for the first time – as early as October this year.

From next February, citizens of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will also need an ETA to travel to Britain and

by the end of 2024, the British government will also introduce this system for all other countries whose nationals are currently able to enter the UK without a visa.

The information provided by the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday highlights that, although people coming from Europe, America and Australia do not currently have to apply for any permit if they want to visit Great Britain, this will change in their case as well with the introduction of the ETA system.

By activating the ETA, you can stay in Great Britain for six months for the purpose of tourism, visiting family and friends, business travel, or continuing your studies. The permit can be applied for with the UK ETA application, which can be downloaded for mobile devices, or on the website of the British government. The London Ministry of the Interior will provide information on the fee for replacing the ETA later.

At the same time, the ministry emphasized that those who have a permanent residence permit in Great Britain or Ireland do not need to redeem their ETA. They include those EU citizens who have legally settled in Great Britain by the end of 2020, the end of the 11-month post-Brexit transition period, and have obtained the necessary permanent residence permit (EU Settled Status).

According to recent data, 170,000 Hungarians have already obtained this status in the island country:

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