Without a Trace: The Unmarked Graves Along the Balkan Migration Route

Adriana Lima
By Adriana Lima 2 Min Read
origin 1One of twelve unnamed gravestones in the Loznica cemetery in Serbia. ©RockedBuzz through Euronews

The Drina River runs by the Balkans and kinds a lot of the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Near the city of Loznica, on the Serbian facet of the border, surrounded by dense forest, the Drina is a forbidding impediment that migrants should cross on their approach to a higher life in Western Europe.

For many migrants touring alongside the Western Balkans migration route, this 346 km lengthy river would mark not solely the finish of their journey but additionally the finish of their lives.

“The drawback is that we do not know who was buried,” says Milica Švabić, lawyer for the NGO KlikAktiv, who explains how “all graves are marked as unknown and solely the 12 months of loss of life is indicated.”

The actual variety of migrants who drowned in the Drina is just not generally known as authorities don’t preserve official data.

In a cemetery in the western Serbian city of Loznica, 12 similar graves seem. Here the deaths of migrants on the Balkan route are recorded by native activists however it’s unimaginable to acquire a exact estimate. Since 2015, 400 deaths have been recorded.

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