Will Paris residents be forced to stay home during the 2024 Summer Olympics?

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origin 1FILE – Eight months earlier than the Paris Olympics, considerations are rising about the state of the transport system in the area. ©Michel Euler/Copyright 2020 The AP. All rights reserved

Numerous media shops and social media accounts have stated that authorities in the Paris area are contemplating implementing a lockdown for metropolis residents during the 2024 Summer Games.

Why? According to the posts, the area’s public transportation system might not be prepared to accommodate so many guests directly.

Therefore, many imagine that the authorities will power the metropolis’s residents to stay at home during rush hours, from July 26 to August 11.

“It is difficult to believe that the organization of a sporting event is sufficient to justify such a restriction on freedom of movement. This is completely disproportionate,” said one X user.

“After QR codes, video surveillance with facial recognition and restrictions on freedom, the police prefect is pondering of an ‘Olympic lockdown’ for all residents,” tweeted Florian Philippot, a far-right French politician.

The assertion was broadly shared after French newspaper Le Monde talked about lockdown as an choice at the moment being explored by French authorities.

The first time the choice of a lockdown during the Olympics was talked about was on December 6 by the French satirical newspaper Le Canard enchaîné.

In the article, the newspaper reveals that the prefect of Paris, Marc Guillaume, despatched a letter to Transport Minister Clément Beaune.

The letter states that in some areas of the metropolis “public transport may solely accommodate spectators if the remainder of the inhabitants have been informed not to use the identical routes”.

The writer of the article then concluded with a joke asking if that is the starting of an “Olympic lockdown”.

The joke was picked up by multiple media outlets together with Le Monde which took the satirical remark at face worth.

The newspaper instantly apologized, however it was too late. Several social media customers had already taken a screenshot of the passage and began sharing this false accusation en masse.

The prefect of the Paris area Marc Guillaume he denied ever mentioning it a “lockdown”, particularly in his letter addressed to the Minister of Transport.

But considerations are literally rising about whether or not Paris’ transportation system will be prepared.

Many subway traces and metropolis facilities are sometimes saturated at rush hour and there are some significant staff shortages.

During a traditional summer time interval, Paris’ public transport system sees between 8 and 9 million individuals a day.

But during the Olympic Games it’s anticipated that there’ll be up to 1.5 million extra guests.

However, the committee accountable for public transport in the Paris area he underlined there’ll be sufficient transportation choices prepared in time for the Summer Games.

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