While the international markets are suffering, the Hungarian stock market has made a big difference

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There is still a gloomy mood on the international stock markets: messages projected by the central banking system in the United States are a cause for concern, according to which high interest rates will continue to be present, and this puts special pressure on the stock markets. Investor concerns, if more moderate, also appeared on the leading Asian and European stock exchanges during the month.

Compared to the global picture, the domestic capital market was able to maintain its stability in September as well, the BUX index, with a slight increase of 0.1 percent, set another record: it closed at 55,838.5 points and reached its highest value of 58,020 points on September 15 el, which proved to be the highest daily closing value of all time.

Evolution of the value of BUX

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In September, OTP’s shares continued to be traded with the highest value of HUF 169.8 billion, followed by Richter and Mol: the former ended September with a turnover of HUF 31.3 billion and the latter with HUF 31.2 billion. Among the mid-caps, Opus stood out, with a 40 percent increase in its share price, in the medium-sized company market, while Navigator had a strong month on the BÉT Xten, with a 50 percent increase.

Development of the Opus exchange rate

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The total turnover of the spot stock market this month amounted to HUF 263.7 billion, which means HUF 12.6 billion for one trading day. Duplicate share turnover in September amounted to HUF 527.4 billion, making it the busiest month this year after August.

Compared to September of last year, this year’s traffic was 30.7 percent higher.


In September, the competition of investment service providers was closed by Wood at the top, with HUF 145.2 billion, in the 2nd-3rd place. Erste and Concorde took first place, with HUF 126.7 and 121.7 billion.


In terms of market shares, Wood handled 27.5 percent of the turnover, Erse 24 percent, and Concorde 23.1 percent.

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The three leading players in the market handled 74.6 percent of the total turnover in September.

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In September, HUF 126 million was traded on the commodity market, which was entirely made up of sustainable fodder corn.

Cover image source: Budapest Stock Exchange

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