When Will PUBG Mobile Premium Chest Come? 2021 January

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When will PUBG Mobile Premium Chest arrive? We answered the question for the date of January 2021. You can find out here on which day and time it will be added to the game again this month. Players have started to accumulate Premium Chest items that they have earned in the game because they cannot use them. Most players are dying to open these stacked chests.

“The Premium Crates’ spot in the shop is currently replaced by the Custom Crates. However, the Premium Crates will be available again starting June 21.” Players should stop worrying about the same because they will be able to use the coupons pretty soon.

The PUBG Mobile developers do not make any statements about the Premium Chest, which makes the players nervous. Many players feel that these chests are useless and removed from the game. However, the Premium chest was not removed from the game. When will the PUBG Mobile Premium Chest that you ask us so much? We answered the question exclusively for January 2021.

When will PUBG Mobile Premium Chest Come in January? (2021)

Pubg mobile new Premium chest (FRIGHT NIGHT)Pubg mobile new Premium chest (FRIGHT NIGHT)

When will PUBG Mobile Premium Chest Come in January? We conducted our research based on the question. With the end of the current event we are currently in, you can use the Premium chests we have accumulated in our inventory.

Each time a new event arrives in the game, the Premium Chest in the game is temporarily disabled so that players can concentrate on these events and their rewards. The reason the PUBG Mobile team is doing something like this is to increase interest in new events, as we explained earlier. However, once the events are over, the Premium Chest will be made available again.

When Will PUBG Mobile Premium Chest Come? No clear date can be given for January, 2021. But for the most accurate answer to the question, we can point out the end date of the activities.

Why is there no premium crate in PUBG mobile?

The reason is that premium crates are not available right now crates now available are different ones you need uc only to open them and after some time premium crates will return I mean 10–14 days. There must be a glitch. I recommend you to repair the game.

How to open PUBG Premium Crates in PUBG Mobile

How to open PUBG Premium Crates in PUBG MobileHow to open PUBG Premium Crates in PUBG Mobile

In this video I will be guys showing you how to open premium crates in pubg mobile so definitely check out the whole video and that’s it.

Is PUBG mobile hard?

The game is not easy. It may seem easy as you gain more experience in the game or have exceptionally good skills and accuracy. A player who has no experience in shooting games might find it extremely hard and intense to play PUBG mobile.

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