What is SEO, How is Natural SEO Work Done?

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The word SEO consists of the initials of Search Engine Optimization. Its English equivalent is expressed as search engine optimization. If we examine the SEO work, as the name suggests, we can qualify internet projects as a work that makes it suitable for search engines with certain rules and enables sites to rank higher in searches. You can find answers to your questions by watching our video below.

How is Google SEO Work done?

Since “Google” is the most used search engine today, the institution that determines SEO and internet rules has been “Google”. “Google” always gives priority to quality and popular sites in searches. The issue we call quality, in-site optimizations, and the topic of popularity are considered as off-site studies. SEO work actually has a preliminary preparation and planning. Projects that progress in line with the correct analysis can always be successful. Now, how to do SEO work by examining these topics in subheadings? We will find answers to the question.

What is On-Site SEO? How is it done? (On-Page SEO)

Search engines give quality scores to websites within the specified rules. These quality scores are provided by our text and visual content we use throughout our site, clean and fast code structure, user-friendly interface and major search engine tags. Our main goal in on-site optimization is to prove to search engines that we are quality and user benefit. How is a website user friendly? How should I speed up my site? Let’s examine on-site SEO topics with subheadings below for your questions.

Text and Visual Content Optimization

The texts we use in our site content are among the most important issues to be original and pleasing to the readers. The more quality and natural the articles we have prepared for our site, the more people will read our content and spend time on our page. The visuals we use in our content are at least as important as our text content. The authenticity and quality of the images we use on our site will both increase the quality score of our site and leave an original impression on our visitors.

ite Speed ​​and Clean Code Structure

Most internet users leave a slow website quickly. Rapid users leaving your site significantly reduces your site quality score. In addition, search engine bots want to encounter a clean and easily crawlable code structure instead of a complex and unnecessary code structure while crawling our site. See more for site acceleration techniques.

User Friendly Website

Let’s take a little bit of user experience, which is perhaps the most important building block of Google promotion. In Internet projects, issues such as misleading visitors, unforgettable and long URL structures and poor quality designs, not only are not user-oriented, but also attract the attention of bots and reduce our quality. To give an example of a user-friendly website, layout and accessibility should be among our main items. People of all ages and levels should be able to use our site easily. We can say that projects that attach importance to font fonts, site colors and internal links will succeed step by step. The main purpose of SEO is to provide quality and useful information to users. It should not be forgotten that a user-friendly website is also search engine friendly.

Search Engine Tags

Search engine meta tags, which are the technical issue of on-site SEO, ensure that our site is well perceived by bots and is indexed correctly in search results. The main parameters shown between meta tags are; Tags that signal bots such as page titles and descriptions, language tags, correct page address display. With correctly structured meta tags, Google can navigate and perceive our pages more efficiently. For this reason, we can say that it is an important SEO criterion that directly affects our rankings for meta tags.

When using these labels, you should definitely get professional support. Incorrect tagging causes sites to be perceived incorrectly and even index losses. If you want to see your current meta tag errors or omissions, you can use our free analysis tool.

What is External SEO Work? What Should Be Considered? (Off-Page SEO)

External SEO work, as the name suggests, includes all interactions and shares outside the site. We can consider this work as increasing the popularity and awareness of internet projects. Off-site SEO is a highly sensitive issue that needs attention. Among the biggest reasons for the biggest mistakes in SEO work and the way that sites are deleted from Google; We can show off-site posts to deceive Google. Off-site works, which are far from naturalness and with artificial popularity, will endanger our site in the near future, if not today. Google is performing at a high level to detect such artificial posts. Websites, which are exposed to negative detections, lose their rankings over time and enter difficult ways to return.
Off-site works are also called “backlinks”, in other words. First of all, what are backlinks? Let’s examine this question in our subheading.

A backlink is when a website provides a link to another website as a reference. We can consider this situation as follows; If a website that is safe and popular by Google recommends you on its site and recommends it to its users, Google will have confidence in your site as well. Thus, by providing popularity, both traffic and awareness will be provided to our site. With the latest Google updates, backlink issue emerges as a subject that needs to be treated more precisely. Some websites that manipulate this structure can be detected by Google and fall into the filter in search words. Therefore, unnatural and paid backlinks pose a danger for projects.

Actually, the answer to this question is very simple. If you provide good content, your site visitors will easily want to reference the information they obtain from you. In this case, you will have gained a natural link. However, the biggest and most critical mistake made starts here. SEO-related people expect to rise with paid links from intense and poor quality news sites, as they see all work as taking links. When this manipulation occurs in a short time, they are deleted from the search results. Instead of such links that are not purchased naturally and paid for, links should be gained naturally by preparing quality and up-to-date content.

So Where Should I Start?

SEO moves your store on a busy street. It brings together people looking for products and services with the most appropriate budget. Besides, the main benefits it provides are; brand awareness, reputation and sales increase. What is SEO in all lines in our article? We tried to answer his question. Of course, this is a consultancy service, no matter how deeply we explain it. It is important to work specifically for the project, as each website and each project have its own unique structure. A good expert should start his / her operations by creating a correct work plan as a result of the analyzes he will subject to the project. As SEOCU.COM, we analyze all the projects we consult in the light of accurate and up-to-date information and provide the necessary appropriate work. How is it going to be? How are we going to do? Without raising questions like,

Why Should I Start SEO?

The basic need for a company to sustain and grow in its life cycle is marketing. SEO is likewise a company’s marketing investment. If you want to be able to exist on the internet and gain new customers by reaching high masses in the period when the internet is so popular with every segment, you need to be able to exist on Google. For this, you can start working with an expert SEO agency immediately.

What is SEO, How is it done?

The answer to the question of what is SEO can be defined as all the improvement work done for search engines about a website. With these features, search engines used to search for information and products on the Internet are the biggest visitor and customer resources of web platforms. The fact that customers mostly visit the sites on the first pages in search results has led to the formation of this sector and gaining importance over time.

SEO aims to rank higher in search engines with related keywords and reach the highest number of visitors in the search traffic for these words. In this context, SEO studies aim to make web sites compatible with search engines in all aspects and to provide a web platform that visitors can reach more easily and quickly. In this respect, SEO also helps websites become more understandable, easy to use and able to give the visitor what they are looking for.

When Will My Site Get Higher On Google?

It takes between 3 months and 12 months to exist on Google, to rank high and to ensure its permanence. One of the most important criteria determining this time range is the compatibility of your website with the Google algorithm, the presentation of the site, its dynamic structure, its planning according to the target audience and the competition volume in the sector. As SEOCU.COM, we are conscious and experienced in these periods and processes.

How Much Traffic Do I Earn With SEO Work?

When we rank high on Google, we will start to receive organic traffic increases. Our traffic increase rates are followed by an average of 10% to 60% each month compared to the previous month. Every month, we send our customers within KPI reports, ranking follow-ups, traffic reports etc. We make presentations with graphics.

What are SEO Prices and Payment Options?

As Rockedbuzz.COM, we offer 3 separate SEO packages monthly. Our prices range from 1,250 $ to 2,250 $. For purchases of 3 months or more, you can make payments on our site with 9 installments valid on all credit cards and define your package instantly.

SEO Consulting and SEO Service

Many companies, e-commerce companies, blogs or website owners try to do SEO work or get this service professionally. SEO is a must-have tool if you are marketing a product or service. With the right SEO work, you can deliver the product or service you market to your potential customer faster and more accurately. In addition, even if you have a non-marketing website, you can increase your company’s recognition and brand value with professional SEO work or increase your site’s visit rates.

What Do We Do in SEO?

SEO studies are generally divided into on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO covers the design and software of your website, as well as comprehensive studies on the content you already own. Off-site SEO, on the other hand, is a work to increase the recognition and quality of your site by providing visitors flow to the site through various sources such as links and visual materials, social media, forums and blogs.

First of all, the website you want to do SEO work is examined with various professional tools and a detailed SEO report is produced. Then, this report is analyzed by considering many criteria, and it is determined what changes, improvements and arrangements will be made on your site (on-site SEO) and using resources outside your site (off-site SEO). All these operations are based on the words and / or word groups you want to appear in the search results. Since the same operations are performed on your site, search engines’ bots begin to crawl your site more often, show your content more in search results, and move your site to the top of the specified words and / or word groups over time.

Determining the Target Audience

Keyword analysis:  According to the sector, appropriate keyword analysis is made by focusing on the words with high search volume suitable for the target audience. Site contents are optimized and URL structures are updated in line with the determined keywords.

Competitor analysis: By  examining your competitors in the sector, growth in your organic traffic within a certain period, positive reflection of organic traffic on turnover and visibility in search results with the right keywords are targeted.

Sectoral Analysis: In  line with the competitor analysis, the competition rate of the sector is analyzed and targets are determined accordingly.

User Acquisition

Content optimization:  Visitor-friendly content that is suitable for your target audience and contains keywords with high search volumes can be defined as SEO-friendly content. Website contents are organized in this way.

Mobile compatibility:  Mobile compatible websites rank higher than non-mobile compatible websites. Accordingly, websites are arranged to be mobile compatible.

User experience: In  -site interaction controls are provided based on user experience.

Measuring Behavior

Regular checks: It is possible that the arrangements made may be broken by a software problem or an update. Therefore, the project is constantly checked at regular intervals.

Data controls: While data such as landing pages, most visited pages, organic traffic growth, new user growth rates are analyzed for periods such as monthly and yearly; It is also examined monthly or seasonally comparatively.

User analysis: User behavior within the site gives clues about optimizations. Therefore, optimizations are made in line with user analysis.


How is organic traffic reflected in sales?

  • Easy integration with other marketing activities increases efficiency and transformation.
  • Ranking at the top of the search results allows more customers to know and trust the brand and to grow the brand.
  • It is aimed to increase the conversion by highlighting the products that the user focuses on.

SEO is the whole work done to make your website better position in search engine results. Your position will improve in queries related to a better understanding of your website by search engines.

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