What is it about As we see it – RB

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What is it about As we see it – RB

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What it’s about As we see it – RB

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What is it about As we see it – RB


The eight episodes of the new TV series, which tackles the theme of autism with lightness and great empathy, are available on Prime Video: the details

21 January 2022

Eight episodes that are delicate, exciting and fun that lightly tell a theme about which little or nothing is known: autism . This is the main theme of the TV series As We See It , the new production Amazon Original by Jason Katims which from today, Friday 21 January, is visible on Prime Video .

The tv series is produced by True Jack Productions, Universal Television, Yes Studios and Amazon Studios and is based on an Israeli format created by Dana Idisis and Yuval Shafferman , who are executive producers of the US remake together with Jeni Mulein, Danna Stern and Udi Segal. The title As We See It , which can be translated as “as we see it”, recalls the fact that the predominant point of view in the episodes is that of the three autistic boys protagonists , of which desires, intolerances, difficulties are told, and ultimately, their gaze on the world and on people.

Who are the protagonists of As We See It

The three protagonists are all 25 and on the spectrum of autism . Jack ( Rick Glassman ) is brilliant at work but definitely struggles in terms of human, emotional and empathic interactions – a characteristic that leads him to often behaving inappropriately, sometimes with funny outcomes and other times with more painful results.

Harrison ( Albert Rutecki ) struggles to leave the house alone, disturbed by noise, lights, dogs and people. Violet ( Sue Ann Pien ) works in a fast food restaurant and desperately wants to form meaningful relationships and live a romance .

The three live together and are supported by an assistant, Mandy ( Sosie Bacon ), a sort of qualified tutor who spends time in their company and helps when they need it.

The plot: what is it about As We See It

The series tells with lightness and a pinch of humor, but without sparing dramatic and deeply emotional moments, the daily life of Violet, Harrison and Jack and the difficulties that they have to overcome every day both because of autism , and because of the distrust and prejudices of other people.

Violet , insecure and eager for affection and independence, lives a conflictual relationship with her overprotective brother Van ( Chris Pang ) . Jack is severely tested both by the interactions in the office and by his father’s illness ( Joe Mantegna ), which forces him to deal with the possibility of his loss.

Harrison struggles to forge friendships and, when it happens, relationships don’t seem destined to last. Also Mandy has a leading role and is torn between the desire to stay together with the three roommates and the desire to dedicate more time to her relationship and her life project.

When As We See It

comes out From Friday 21 January 2022 , all eight episodes of the series Amazon Original are visible on Prime Video .

Subscribe to Prime Video to see As We See It

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