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Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are restarting, but this time at a distance. The two delegations will meet on Monday via videoconference for the fourth round. On the table there is always a ceasefire and the opening of humanitarian corridors. Both sides talk about progress and steps forward, but – at least at the official level – so far the talks have led to nothing.

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A new round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine is ready. During the day, the rumors of a meeting between Tuesday and Wednesday first spread, then the confirmation came from both Moscow and Kiev. The format, however, will be different this time: the delegations will meet by videoconference on Monday 14 March and no longer in the forest on the border between Poland and Belarus. In short, it will be a long-distance negotiation that the whole world will watch with extreme attention after the failure of the precedents in which, in practice, it was decided only to open humanitarian corridors which then – in most cases – remained only on paper. The same goes for the meeting in Turkey between the two foreign ministers, essentially considered a flop.

In recent days, an important opening has come from Ukrainian President Zelensky, who has talked about opening a discussion on Crimea and Donbass, but no progress has yet been made from Russia. At least officially. Meanwhile, Turkey and Israel are candidates to play the role of mediators in the negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Bennett accepted Zelensky’s proposal for a negotiation with Putin in Jerusalem, but that scenario still seems distant.

Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the Ukrainian president and negotiator in Kiev, said today he expects “concrete results“in the coming days in talks with Russia. Moscow”it has become much more sensitive to the Ukrainian position” And “began to speak constructively“Podoliak added in a video posted on his Twitter profile.”Our proposals are on the table – has continued – They are very strong. Among these are the withdrawal of troops and the ceasefire“.

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Meanwhile, according to reports from Riva Novosti, Leonid Slutsky – a member of the Russian delegation – spoke of progress made between the parties since the beginning of the talks: “If we compare the positions of Russia and Ukraine in the negotiations at the beginning and now, we can see significant progress – he said – I expect the progress to turn into a common position of both delegations and a document to be signed“.

In short, there are many possibilities on the plate. If the parties say they have made progress, the reality is that for now it has not even been possible to activate safe humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from large cities. Zelensky’s opening on Crimea and Donbass has fallen on deaf ears at the moment. The requests from Ukraine are always the same: ceasefire in the first place. From Russia, on the other hand, they seem to continue to take time to sit at that table with more cards to play.

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