“We’ve Never Seen a Flooding Event Like This”

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Hurricane Ian leaves devastation in Florida.

Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms ever to hit Florida, has been ripping through the state, leaving behind millions of dollars worth of damage and reports of fatalities. Today, the Federal Emergency Management Agency briefed President Joe Biden on the storm’s impact.

“This could be the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history,” said Biden after the briefing. While no official death toll has been announced, according to Biden, commissioners and mayors are worried about the potential for massive loss of life. The federal government will be covering 100 percent of the costs to clear the debris and any efforts to save Floridian lives. Biden also said the federal government will also cover the majority of the costs to repair public buildings like schools and fire stations.

The government will also be providing individuals who have little or no insurance with $37,900 for home repairs, as well as another $37,900 for property loss. 

After a conversation with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Biden declared an official disaster in Florida. DeSantis described the storm in a press conference as “historic” and a “500-year event”. 

“We’ve never seen a flooding event like this,” said DeSantis during a press conference on Thursday. 

Photos and footage of the storm’s damage are absolutely shocking, with many videos showing homes submerged under water and floodwaters pushing cars down the street. In Jacksonville, one video from First Coast News showed an entire shopping center sign crumbling to the ground right before a reporter was about to go on-air. A hospital in Port Charlotte had part of its roof ripped off by Hurricane Ian’s winds, forcing ICU patients to be moved to other floors. 

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