We need to talk about new gas and electricity purchases right now! – The new Portfolio conference is coming

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In addition to tightening payment terms, many energy traders reacted to last year’s drastic price increase on the gas and electricity stock exchanges and declining market liquidity by giving energy users a variable-price, index-based price offer instead of the usual fixed price. It means that a significant part of the current corporate gas and electricity contracts are adjusted to the stock market movements both in the competitive market segment and in the state emergency supply, and this is precisely what makes the annual cost of energy procurement more difficult to calculate.

This uncertainty, and the currently decreasing, but unpredictably changing gas and electricity prices this year, are obvious energy purchasers are directed towards planning their energy costs as much as possible and fixing their purchases for the 2023-2024 period at the lowest possible price. However, this price fixing plan raises many other important questions for both energy users and traders, such as the time frame of the price fixing (whether it is a short- or long-term fixing, even in the context of a renewable power purchase cPPA contract), and its specific content.

Many important issues must therefore be thought through in the field of corporate energy procurement, and as the Association of Hungarian Energy Traders stated last week at his conference it was said in several panel discussions:

energy purchasers and traders should start talking to each other now, so that they can thoroughly discuss all aspects that arise, and in this way mature new gas and electricity contracts can be concluded for the 2023-2024 season.

Portfolio’s new half-day professional conference, Corporate Energy Procurement 2023, will help you precisely in these conversations and in going around the emerging aspects. In the first section of the event, we will look at the gas and electricity market prospects, the professional and legal framework of energy procurement, and contracts, and in the second section, we will look at case studies. we present specific energy efficiency investments and discuss implementation experiences, since it is the cheapest energy that is not even consumed by businesses.

Register now for our new professional event! At the half-day conference, we will gather the above information into a bouquet, in order to contribute to well-founded energy procurement and energetic decisions for the next period.

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