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Greenpeace protest

Greenpeace held a protest on Wednesday against the German transport ministry’s stance on blocking the phasing out of internal combustion engines in Europe ahead of a summit in Brussels.

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing had indicated he would not back a planned EU ban on the sale of new cars with combustion engines from 2035, after failing to secure assurances from the bloc’s executive for a synthetic fuel exemption. .

Last year, lawmakers and EU member states reached a preliminary agreement that would force automakers to cut emissions from new cars by 55% in 2030 from 2021 levels and 100% in 2035.

The plan, which is part of the bloc’s effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, effectively means banning the sale of new cars that burn hydrocarbon-based fuels such as petroleum.

Some countries, such as Germany, had asked the EU’s Executive Commission to provide an exemption for cars that burn so-called e-fuels, arguing they can be made using renewable energy and carbon captured from the air, so don’t be afraid additional climate-changing emissions into the atmosphere.

Wissing said the Commission has not presented a proposal, so Germany will refrain from supporting the ban.

Wissing said synthetic fuels must be produced in large quantities as soon as possible to meet the demand for cars sold before 2035, as well as heavy vehicles, ships and aircraft.

Cherry blossom in Tokyo

Tourists and locals alike flock to see Tokyo’s famous cherry blossoms as they reach their peak of bloom. The blooms are traditionally celebrated with hanami, or viewing of picnics, which have been disrupted during the pandemic.

“It’s so beautiful and colorful,” says a Danish tourist.

“It’s something we’ll remember for a long time,” says another visitor from the UK.

Claudia, a tourist from the UK, said: ‘I would say it was incredible. We waited a long time. We didn’t really know what to expect, and it sure was a trip unlike anything else we’ve been on.’ We’ve traveled a lot, we’ve seen a lot, and it’s something we’ll remember for a long time.”

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