Warsaw demands new Ukrainian export restrictions

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Negotiations between the EU countries neighboring Ukraine and the European Commission on raising the import ban on cereals (wheat, corn, rapeseed) ordered at the member state level to the EU level are on track, said Mateusz Morawiecki in response to questions from journalists.

However, he indicated that Warsaw will soon propose that the European Commission investigate some other agricultural products,

including whether there was any unfair market behavior in the import of Ukrainian poultry, eggs and dairy products.

The Polish government requests, he said, that the EC reliably verify the impact of the import of these products on the Polish market in the last few months and the destabilization risks of their import in the future.

Last week, five EU member states, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania, in addition to Poland, asked the Brussels committee to take action in the case of Ukrainian agricultural products entering the European Union duty-free and causing serious damage to local farmers. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria previously introduced a unilateral import ban on these.

A high-ranking Polish diplomat in Brussels told the PAP news agency that the European Commission plans to impose an import ban on about 90 percent of Ukrainian agricultural products arriving in the five countries, and may initiate market protection measures for the other products, and if there is a risk of destabilization, import quotas or can also impose customs tariffs.

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