War in Ukraine. Ukraine will not give Russia Mariupol, ammonia leak in Sumy [PODSUMOWANIE]

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Watch the video Zhytomyr. Inhabitants shocked by the Russian attacks. “May God give us health and stop that siren from howling”

The 25th day of war in Ukraine: what happened on Sunday 20 March?

>>> The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the entire unit of the 331st Parachute and Assault Regiment, which took part in the hostilities towards Kiev. A soldier survived, he’s inside Hospital – report the portal Hromadske.ua.

However, Kiev was once again under fire. There have been explosions in the city since the afternoon hours. The Russian rocket hit one of the residential districts of Kiev. This was announced by the mayor of the city, Vitaly Klitschko. A residential building was destroyed. The incident took place in the residential district of Swiatoszyn in Kiev. Vitaly Klitschko went on the spot. He posted a video of him standing next to an explosion crater. As he said, the multi-storey building is destroyed, the cars are burned, there is a kindergarten 100 meters away. As he added, luckily no one was killed, but some people are in hospital. – The Russians want to scare us, but it won’t work. Ukrainians are not afraid, he stressed.

The intelligence reports that fighting is taking place in four municipalities in the Kiev region. During the last day of fighting, bombing and fighting took place in the following municipalities: Buczańska, Makarowska, Irpieńska and Borodziańska, as well as in the Wyszogród region. The population of the Kiev region was evacuated.

>>> Ukraine has rejected Russia’s demands for Mariupol’s capitulation. Russia proposed that in exchange for the handover of power over the city, it would allow the evacuation of civilians. “We can’t talk about surrender and surrender,” said the deputy premier Ukraine Iryna Wereszczuk. Also on Sunday Russia bombed the Mariupol art school, which served as a refuge for civilians. About 400 inhabitants were hiding there, mainly women, children and the elderly. So far, due to missile attacks, about 80%. city ​​buildings. There is no water and electricity in the city, there is not enough food. For now it is difficult to estimate the number of victims.

Furthermore, in the morning hours one of the largest European metallurgical plants, Azovstal, was severely damaged during the Russian siege of Mariupol. Ukrainians say the economic losses for their country will be enormous. They point out that the environment has also suffered. There were explosions in the premises of the metallurgical plants and smoke rose from the buildings.

>>> – Following the Russian bombing, an ammonia leak occurred from a chemical plant in Sumy, Ukraine. The radius of the contaminated area is five kilometers – said the head of the administration of Sumy Oblast, Dmytro Żywycki, quoted by the Radio Information Agency.

>>> US President Joe Biden will fly to Poland on March 25 – the White House officially announced. A meeting with President Andrzej Duda is scheduled for Saturday 26 March in Warsaw.

>>> The Ukrainian army reports that in the occupied Donetsk Oblast territory, the Russians forcibly incorporate residents under the age of 65 into their army. “The same can be expected in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region”, emphasizes the Ukrainian side.

>>> On Sunday, the head of the authorities of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haydaj, announced that on 11 March the Russians shot at the Kreminna retirement home. 56 people were killed. “Cynically and knowingly. They simply put the tank in front of the house and started shooting. Those who survived in the retirement home – 56 people – died instantly. The survivors, 15 people, were kidnapped and taken to the territory. busy “- he wrote. As he added, it is still impossible to get to the scene of the tragedy.

>>> The mayor of the city, Enerhodar, Dmytro Orlov, reported that the Russians had kidnapped his deputy, Ivan Samoidiuk. “We don’t know what his condition is! We haven’t been able to contact him since yesterday. And today we received confirmed information that he was cynically kidnapped!” he wrote.

>>> “Ukrainian military intelligence claims that the Russian elite intends to overthrow Putin to re-establish economic ties with Western countries. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Alexander Bortnikov, head of the FSB security agency, is to be considered Putin’s successor “, writes The Independent of Kiev.

>>> On Sunday, 7295 people were evacuated to Ukraine through four humanitarian corridors. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported that nearly 4,000 people were transported from the besieged Mariupol to Zaporizhia. Over three thousand people were evacuated from the Kiev region. As Volodymyr Zelensky said, the Russians have stopped humanitarian aid being transported to the Kharkiv region. “The Russian forces have taken control of the humanitarian aid column for Wołczańska. There is no contact with the five drivers and the doctor. We will save them, we will try to provide our people with everything they need” – he stressed.

>>> Ukrainian Pravda reports that the fifth round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations will take place on Monday 21 March on video call. The adviser to the head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolak, informed that talks with Russia to end the war could take several weeks.

EU ministerial meetings will also be held on Monday in Brussels, dedicated, among other things, to the Russian attack on Ukraine. Firstly, the foreign ministers of the Member States will meet in the morning. In the afternoon they will meet with EU defense ministers. Then, in the evening, the heads of the defense ministries will gather in their own group.

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The Russian war against Ukraine continues. There is information on houses destroyed, injured and killed. The needs are increasing by the hour. That is why Gazeta.pl joins forces with the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation (PCPM) to support humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and Ukrainians. Anyone can participate in the fundraiser by making a deposit via the website pcpm.org.pl/ukraine. More information in the article.

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