view Whatsapp status secretly – this is how it goes anonymously

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These tricks allow you to view a person’s Whatsapp status without them noticing. We’ll show you how to do that.

What is called “Story” on Instagram or Facebook is the “status” in the Messenger app Whatsapp. You can post photos, texts, audio content or even videos to the “status” that are visible there for 24 hours and then disappear automatically. If you look at a person’s Whatsapp status, they’ll see it. But if you don’t want to, there are ways to view the Whatsapp status of your contacts anonymously without them knowing about it.

How To View Whatsapp Status Without Letting Them Know-See Someone's Whatsapp StoryHow To View Whatsapp Status Without Letting Them Know-See Someone’s Whatsapp Story

Easiest method: Disable read receipts

The simplest solution is to disable the “read receipts” in the settings under “Accounts – Privacy”. Now you can secretly and completely anonymously view a person’s Whatsapp status. Enabled read receipts show Whatsapp contacts not only that you’ve seen their status, but also that you’ve read their chat messages. Because “blue check marks” appear in the chat.

If you disable read receipts, you will not see blue check marks behind messages when the recipient has read the message. And under your own Whatsapp status, you won’t see who’s looking at your status.

Note: If you disable the read receipts only briefly, view a status, and then re-enable them, the status creator will see this. If you want to re-enable the read receipts, wait 24 hours for the Whatsapp status to disappear.

Also discard the idea of viewing a status in offline mode. Because Whatsapp saves this activity and shares it as soon as you are reconnected to the Internet.

Use Whatsapp Web in browser incognito mode

You can also secretly view a person’s Whatsapp status in your desktop browser via the Whatsapp Web. To do this, start a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge in incognito mode on your PC. Connect Smartphone and Whatsapp Web via QR code . Now tap the circular “Status” icon in the top row next to your profile picture. Now disconnect your PC from the Internet, you can also view a person’s status offline. Then you have to close the browser window – only now you can turn the Internet back on the PC.

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