Video: one of the most modern corvettes of the Black Sea fleet, a Project 22160, was hit

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In the footage, the corvette is billowing black smoke, and according to local Telegram channels, there were also injured people on board. Additional footage confirmed that they were transported ashore by a Russian Mi-8M rescue helicopter.

The extent of the damage to the ship and the cause of the damage are still unknown.

Two days earlier, Ukrainian media reported that Project 22160-class “Pavel Derzhavin” patrol boat ran into a Russian mine and suffered an unknown amount of damage. It is possible that in the above recording the Pavel Derzhavin visible.

Project 22160 type corvettes are Russia’s largest and most modern patrol ships, a total of 6 copies were designed, of which four are in active service – the first type, Vasily Bykov, joined the Russian Navy in 2018, and Pavel Derzhavin in 2022.

The tweet incorrectly states the warship’s class. The cover photo is an illustration, it shows the Dmitriy Rogachev Project 22160 patrol boat at the Bosphorus. Cover image source: Mehmet Murat Onel/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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