Video: a Russian armored personnel carrier retreats from the clash in flames

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

The footage clearly shows that the armored personnel carrier receives a hit, which causes him to flee the danger zone while trailing a long streak of flame. However, it stops after traveling about 100-200 meters, and then the operator leaves the burned-out armored car alone, apparently unharmed.

The location and date of the clash are unknown. In recent days, there has been much less footage of Russian losses, as it is Ukrainian attacks take place under maximum operational secrecy (opsec).neither the Ukrainian military nor Ukrainian civilians record the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces (with 1-2 rare exceptions).

At the moment, only Russian sources can be relied on in connection with the current operations, however both the Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian milbloggers tend to keep quiet or downplay their own losses.

However, there is still plenty of information about the current operations, based on the footage shared by the Russians showing Ukrainian failures, it seems that a real disaster is beginning to unfold in the Orihiv area. Our related coverage is available here:

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Getty Images

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