Victrola is showcasing a low-cost Sonos-compatible turntable at CES

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The all new Victrola Stream Onyx features the same connectivity features as the Stream Carbon, but with less expensive components to bring it down in price.

If you’re intrigued by the Victrola Stream Carbon turntable’s ability to stream music to your Sonos speaker system, but put off by its $800 price tag, the manufacturer hopes you’ll check out its Stream Onyx, which trades some of its i higher-end sibling components, such as an aluminum arm instead of a carbon fiber one, to bring the price down to $600.

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And where the Carbon features an Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge, the Onyx features a choice of an Audio-Technica VM95E or an Ortofon OM 5E. These are also moving magnet cartridges, but cost slightly less. The Onyx is also a belt driven turntable and uses the same removable headshell to make it easy to upgrade to a higher end cartridge and has the same easy to adjust counterweight to set the correct downforce for whichever cartridge you decide to use.

In our Victrola Stream Carbon reviewWe praised the turntable for its excellent integration into the Sonos ecosystem and its overall ease of use, but we did notice higher motor noise than we’re used to seeing from turntables in its price range. That said, we gave the product four stars, so we can’t wait to see if the Stream Onyx performs as well in its price range.

Given that Carbon’s street price has already dropped $100, we expect to see Onyx’s street price follow a similar arc. If you can’t wait, the Victrola Stream Onyx is now available for pre-order on Amazon or directly from Victrola.

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