USS Kearsarge: Giant warship for Stockholm

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Published: Today 11.34

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An American warship is arriving in Stockholm.

But it’s unclear whether it will fit Frihamnen.

– It’s very big, says Rebecca Landberg, Navy press officer.

full screen The ship out of New York. Photo: AP

A couple of days ago, the US landing craft USS Kearsarge set sail in the Baltic Sea.

“Kearsarge ARG-22 will work with allies and partners to ensure security and stability in the region,” the US Navy wrote on Twitter.

Now the ship is headed for Frihamnen in Stockholm, but there is a problem:

– It is very large, 257 meters long, and at the moment it is not clear where or if it will be able to moor. It hasn’t been decided yet, says Navy press officer Rebecca Landberg.

The USS Kearsarge was used in operations around the world, including during the war in Bosnia in 1995 and the civil war in Libya in 2011.

Take part in the Swedish exercise

The ship will now be used in the annual Baltops military exercise, for which Sweden is the host nation.

– The exercise will be conducted in the central and southern Baltic Seas, as well as in areas close to the coast in Germany, Poland and the Baltic states, says Rebecca Landberg.

20 countries will participate in the exercise, which will take place from 5 to 16 June.

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