Unexpected move: Russia withdrew its troops from the territory of Belarus

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Since the beginning of the war, the Russian army has used the area primarily as a training ground and training base. In addition, the Russian armed forces stationed here have been a constant threat to Ukraine, that Moscow is preparing to besiege the capital, Kiev, again.

Fortunately, the number of Russian soldiers on the training grounds in Belarus is constantly decreasing

– said Andriy Demchenko, the spokesman of the border guard. He added, until recently, their number was estimated at 2,000, but during the last rotation, almost all Russian soldiers were withdrawn from the territory of Belarus.

In the weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army held joint military exercises with Belarus, and the units launched to occupy Kiev also started from the area under the authority of Minsk.

The cover image is an illustration. The cover photo shows Ukrainian soldiers during military exercises near the border with Belarus. Cover photo credit: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

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