Twitter’s “legacy” ticks will vanish on April Fool’s Day when the blue captions go global

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Hmm, Twitter. What can I say about the social media platform these days? From massive data leaks TO ban third-party clients, is a place where chaos thrives. Well, Twitter has added something else to the roster now. The company recently announced that it will begin removing “legacy verified checkmarks” on April 1, the biggest day of the year for pranksters and evildoers. It’s weirdly fitting, isn’t it? This announcement comes on the heels of Twitter Blue subscriptions are spreading globally.

These “legacy checkmarks” are verification badges that were under Twitter’s previous rules (before CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition). If you want to keep the checkmark, you will have to subscribe to the Blue Twitter, which costs $8 a month or $84 a year. Special features include the ability to edit or cancel your Tweets, compose Tweets that exceed the usual 280 characters, and more. Is it worth the extra cost? Well, it’s up to you to decide. Personally, it’s not.

This little news is not all that surprising. Musk talked about getting rid of the “legacy verified checkmarks” for quite some time now. While the Twitter CEO believes those badges have been distributed in a “corrupt and nonsensical” manner, they’re actually quite useful, as they’re a good indicator of an authentic account. Old verification badges were often used by celebrities, brands and journalists. Government accounts may require a gray check Here.

April Fool’s Day is a really bold choice, though. Some of you may be wondering if Musk is just trolling his followers. The thought had also crossed my mind. At this point it’s entirely possible, especially since Musk likes to include the numbers 69 and 420 in his business. That said, the announcement came from the verified Twitter account. So, it must be legit, right? Only time will tell.

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