Trump claims he would end the war in a day

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According to Trump, he is a victim of the background powers: “It is no coincidence that the deep state came down on me even harder, as I vowed to quickly end the war in Ukraine. This means that I will get them to agree very soon. This can be solved very quickly, but only the president can do it, because he can control the outgoing and incoming money. This can be solved.

I would make the agreement under the roof within 24 hours”

– He told.

The former president also dealt separately with the prosecutors conducting criminal proceedings against him: “you will be proud and you will be right, and the criminals who corrupt our legal system will suffer defeat, discredit and be ashamed”, the politician told his supporters, according to whom his supporters are being persecuted in the United States.

“While left-wing mobs are free to riot in the streets, murder, loot, arson and rape, patriotic, Christian, conservative parents and pro-life activists are persecuted by the FBI and the Department of Justice like terrorists,” claimed Trump, who also stated that

the 5 worst presidents of the United States to date did not do as much damage to the country as Joe Biden did in just two and a half years.

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