TikTok: Triller rival app evaluates stock market listing

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The American social network is said to be in talks with several companies

Triller, an American social network to share short videos similar to the Chinese TikTok, would be in talks with several companies about a possible merger that would allow the app to go public on Wall Street. This was reported by some media outlets including the AFP, which cites a source close to the negotiations..

TikTok's advantage compared to other social media companies: RBC's Mark MahaneyTikTok’s advantage compared to other social media companies: RBC’s Mark Mahaney

According to rumors, Triller was trying to raise capital from private investors when he was approached by several special purpose acquisition companies, i.e. companies containing only financial resources and aiming to go public and then merge or acquire existing companies not yet listed.

The interest in the app coincided with US President Donald Trump‘s stance against TikTok, accused of representing a threat to national security and therefore forced to cede control of its American activities to a US company. Precisely this ByteDance, a Chinese company that owns TikTok, is negotiating with the American companies Oracle and Walmart.



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