Those who saw the worksheet were happy to take the exam

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The entire text “Director of the CKE after the leaks of high school exams: they came from one of the directors. I will invalidate the exams for those who used it” available on the site of “Gazeta Wyborcza”

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On Wednesday, May 4th, the matriculation exams began. Information about possible leaks appeared almost immediately, because even several hours earlier Google users had to search for unusual phrases.

During the English language exams at the extended level, however, a message was sent to the secretariat of the Central Examination Commission with screenshots of a private conversation on a closed internet group. As it turned out, someone sent group photos of full pages of the baccalaureate exam, which the students had signed up for. They were papers already printed and photographed page after page.

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The CKE informs the prosecutor’s office

Marcin Smolik, director of CKE in an interview with the “Gazeta Wyborcza” of Wroclaw reported that the institution received two reports of leaks and the prosecutor’s office was informed in both cases. – The first concerned the English language at the elementary level. Shortly before the exam, a photo of an excerpt from the baccalaureate exam with an open assignment was posted on Twitter – she said. “We also received screenshots of the closed group on Messenger, which showed images of the text and three activities of the closed sheet from the English language at an extended level,” he added.

Smolik was also questioned about the possible causes of this year’s losses. – They appeared when the sheets were already inside schools. So I have no doubt that one of the directors simply illegally opened the package, tore off the zip ties securing the sheet and photographed it himself or handed it over to candidates for photography – he said. Can high school graduates fear that exams will be canceled? The director of the CKE told “Wyborcza” that this year it happened to four students who photographed their number along with the sheet PSEL. -People who had access to the card before the baccalaureate exam, I will be happy to cancel the exam-she announced.

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