This is the surprise: the price of household energy has risen in the neighborhood

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Electricity went up by 25.9 percent, district heating by 22.2 percent, and natural gas by 15.4 percent on a monthly basis. The price of wood pellets decreased by 7.3 percent, that of heating oil decreased by 1.2 percent.

On an annual basis, the price index showed an increase of 40.8 percent in January after 26.7 percent in December. The natural gas price index shows an annual increase of 104.0 percent. The price of district heating is 94.3 percent higher, the price of heating oil is 49.6 percent, the price of wood pellets is 98.9 percent, the price of diesel fuel is 23.8 percent, super gasoline is 10.2 percent, and the price of firewood is 83.4 percent. upwards on an annual basis.

In the formation of the EPI price index, diesel participates with the largest weighting, 26 percent, electricity 25 percent, and super gasoline 17 percent. Both natural gas and district heat are weighted at 10 percent.

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