They would also pass a law so that Netanyahu could keep the $270,000 gift

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The bill is part of the overhaul of Israel’s legal system proposed by Netanyahu’s new government. The plan has sparked fierce protests for more than two months.

Netanyahu has been on trial for almost three years on charges of fraud, embezzlement and accepting bribes, which he denies.

Last year, Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the politician to repay money given to him and his wife, Sara, by one of his late cousins ​​to cover his legal expenses.

Sara Netanyahu became the target of protests last week when protesters gathered outside a salon in Tel Aviv where she was getting her hair done.

On Sunday, the legislative ministerial committee approved a bill that would allow public officials to accept donations for legal or medical bills, despite loud protests from the country’s attorney general that it would foster corruption.

Another controversial law

A committee of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has also introduced bills aimed at limiting the Supreme Court’s judicial review powers and giving parliament the ability to overrule high court decisions.

Netanyahu’s allies say the changes are needed to reduce the power of unelected judges.

But critics say they remove checks and balances, focus power on the ruling majority and render the Supreme Court impotent. They also say Netanyahu faces a conflict of interest as a criminal defendant.

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