They warn of snow and sleet in Hungary

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During the evening, the cloudiness will lower in the jap half of the nation, whereas a thicker cloud cowl will arrive from the west, which is able to transfer eastward in the course of the day on Sunday, ensuing in scattered rain, showers, snow in the northeast, and non permanent weak sleet in the upper locations. From Sunday afternoon, it would break from the west, the cloudiness will lower, then cumulus clouds will kind, from which showers could happen. The climate will stay overcast in the northeastern half of the nation. At evening, air motion moderates. On Sunday, the southerly wind will decide up solely in some locations.

The lowest evening temperature can normally be anticipated between -4 and +1 levels, it may be even colder in the frost corners.

The highest daytime temperature on Sunday is prone to be between 4 and 11 levels, however will probably be a number of levels decrease in the northeast.

The climate of the European continent is principally decided by anticyclones. Winter has already arrived in full swing on the Scandinavian peninsula and particularly in its northern half: the temperature in many locations doesn’t even attain -5 levels in the afternoon, and in some locations it doesn’t even attain -10 levels. This is principally as a result of snow that has fallen in the world, the thickness of the snow layer varies between 10-30 cm. Increasingly greater temperature values ​​are typical as we transfer in the direction of the south and southwest, peak values ​​above 25 levels have been recorded in one place in the southern half of Spain and in Sicily. The climate is extra different in the Balkan Peninsula, the place a cyclone is swirling and inflicting appreciable rainfall in some locations; primarily rain in the plains, however snow is the dominant kind of precipitation in the upper mountainous areas. A low strain system can also be reaching the British Isles, so the rain is falling in extra and extra instructions in that space. The climate in the Carpathian Basin will probably be formed by the cyclone swirling in the Balkan Peninsula on Saturday and the colder air flowing behind it, and on Sunday the latter cyclone will trigger cloudy climate, primarily in the northeastern elements.

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