They have already spoken to Fidesz from Finland

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Finland has nothing to discuss, nothing to explain to the Hungarian delegation – explained the social democratic politician in Democratized to a paper called a 444 poked out. The Hungarian portal also reminds that Erkki Tuomioja was foreign minister between 2000-2007 and 2011-15.

Tuomioja also mentioned that the Hungarian political rhetoric is “strongly permeated by grievances and the demand for an apology”. He also said that the visit serves Hungarian domestic political interests. The visit of the Hungarian parliamentary delegation is attributed to the representatives of Fidesz and Viktor Orbán.

Matti Vanhanen, the president of the Finnish Parliament, will meet with the Hungarian delegation on Wednesday, and he also agreed with this, speaking to the newspaper. “I don’t see a connection between the NATO process and the freezing of Hungary’s EU resources. These are completely different organizations, in the EU the Commission supervises the work,” Vanhanen stated in the hvg according to his summary.

It was decided this week that Csaba Hende, Enikő Győri, Zsolt Németh and Ernő Schaller Baross will visit Stockholm and Helsinki next week on behalf of Fidesz.

The precedent for this is that, according to Viktor Orbán’s statement a week and a half ago, the representatives of the government party are not very enthusiastic about Finland and Sweden becoming NATO members. If a border with Russia of several thousand kilometers is created because of Finland, that is a risk. The other, however, is that Finland and Sweden are “spreading lies about Hungary”, Viktor Orbán said. The Prime Minister admits that all is not well, but asks Fidesz politicians to support the admission of the two countries. A day before, faction leader Máté Kocsis announced that a delegation would be sent to the two countries. As a result of this, it was revealed this week that the final parliamentary vote on the accession of the two countries was postponed until the week of March 20.

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