They are warning of an important deadline: owners who do not take action now may be fined HUF 300,000

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All wells require a permit, even if they are only used occasionally for irrigation at the house. Just like a car: it needs a driving license even if you only use it on weekends or only for longer trips or vacations. This is also true for permits for wells, where there is a well, it also requires a permit, there are no exceptions, regardless of the purpose and size of the water use

– underscored Attila Rózsa, president of the Hungarian Water Well Drillers Association, to the Pénzcentrum’s question.

According to the specialist, the most reliable way is to check with the municipality’s clerk whether the documentation of our own well is in order, the topographical number of the property or even the address where it is located is sufficient for this.

Permits are issued by the appropriate authority, in the case of residential wells, it is the clerk of the local government, who can be consulted. Or, if the well is deeper and not installed on groundwater, then the regional disaster management directorate is responsible, and you can inquire there. The follow-up is particularly important for those who, for example, bought their house with the well already in place, but nothing is known about the documents

– explained the specialist to the Money Center.

Attila Rózsa talked about: there is no deadline for this, it should have been done immediately when the well was drilled. Now only a state moratorium is in effect, property owners have been given a grace period,

Until the end of 2023, fines will not be imposed on those who do not have a well permit.

He added that the procedure can be started in the same way in 2024, however it must be taken into account that fines will also be imposed on old wells that cannot be proven to have been drilled at the time of the establishment permit. The Association of Hungarian Water Well Drillers cannot say whether mass inspections will begin at the beginning of next year when the moratorium expires.

According to the law, the penalty can be up to 80 percent of the value of the completed water facility,

and in the case of private individuals, the maximum fine for water management is HUF 300,000.

The authorization procedure is free of charge, but the necessary documents must be prepared by a specialist. If our well is only used for watering and watering animals, it is not necessary to test the water; however, if the drinking water also comes from here, an accredited laboratory quality control is also required.

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