There were serious problems with the Iran nuclear deal – The IAEA got stuck

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Grossi held talks with the Iranian leadership in Tehran in March, which resulted in Iran agreeing to turn on surveillance cameras again at several of its nuclear facilities and to welcome international inspectors more often.

In the time since then However, Tehran fulfilled only a fraction of what was promised. As Grossi said, the previously dismantled surveillance cameras were returned, but there was not as much progress as he had expected.

Now it is necessary to start a sustainable and undisturbed process that leads to the fulfillment of the obligations – emphasized the Director General. He reminded that despite the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement Iran already has more than a hundred kilograms of highly enriched uranium;

with proper refinement, 50 kilograms of uranium can be enough to produce a nuclear weapon.

The need for increased control of Iran’s nuclear program arose after in February, traces of uranium particles enriched to 83.7 percent were found in Iranwhich is dangerously close to the quality required for weapons production.

Tehran withdrew restrictions agreed to in the 2015 Vienna nuclear deal after the United States withdrew from the agreement in 2018. and reimposed sanctions against Iran. According to the provisions of the Vienna nuclear deal, surveillance cameras were installed in Iran’s nuclear facilities, but these were removed in response to Washington’s decision.

During the negotiations between the Iranian leadership and the IAEA that took place in March, the parties nevertheless agreed to ensure greater transparency about Iran’s nuclear program, and to ensure this, not only will the cameras be reinstalled, but they will also allow for more frequent international inspections, not least the launch of an investigation into the previously secretive also in the case of Iranian nuclear facilities.

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