There is also a price cap in Croatian stores

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The most significant price reduction will be in the case of rice (53 percent), so its new price will be 2.29 euros (880 forints) instead of 4.92 euros (1890 forints).

In addition, the price of spaghetti will be significantly reduced, from 1.95 euros to 1.09 euros. Milk chocolate will be 48 percent cheaper, from EUR 2.48 to EUR 1.29 (for 80-100 grams). The price of diapers will drop by 42 percent, so instead of the current 0.51 euros, they will cost 0.30 cents per piece.

The price of toilet paper will be 53% lower, so instead of the current 6.41 euros, the price of a package of 10 rolls will be 2.99 euros.

The products also include sunflower oil, flour, milk, sugar, gouda cheese, several types of meat, potatoes, beets and beans. Toothpaste and shower gel will also be cheaper.

The supermarket chains – Prime Minister Andrej Plenković stressed – showed a willingness to reduce the price of certain products. “They will start doing this in the coming days and I believe most of them will return the prices to the previous level by December 31” he added

There were already price restrictions on seven products, now the list has been expanded to include 23 more products.

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