There is a huge swing in US interest rates

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Interest rates on new 30-year mortgage loans fell dramatically by 29 basis points on Friday, so the average fell to 7.81%, after rising to 8% the previous day, the portal reports. THE The drop was the largest one-day drop since March 10.

Freddie Mac (the government agency that publishes mortgage statistics) released its latest weekly mortgage averages on Thursday, and found that 30-year rates rose to a 23-year high. Freddie Mac currently averages 7.31%, which is eight basis points higher than the all-time high of 7.23% in August.

Freddie Mac’s averages differ from the averages published by Investopedia because Freddie Mac calculates a weekly average that combines five previous days’ interest rates, which may include discounted loans. In contrast, Investopedia’s averages indicate daily interest rate movements and do not include discount schemes.

Interest rates on 15-year loans also decreased on Friday, but to a lesser extent, by 11 basis points to 7.22%. The previous average of 7.33% was a more than 20-year high for this maturity.

US household loans have been rising sharply since 2022 due to the Fed’s interest rate hikes. The change in retail lending rates reflects banks’ expectations regarding the Fed’s interest rate outlook. Due to the rise in interest rates for households, it can be expected that consumption in the United States will soon moderate – this is also the goal of the Fed, because it wants to suppress inflation.

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