There has been a turning point in the Ukrainian grain dispute: Poland and Hungary may soon be left alone

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The details of the authorization system are not yet known, all that is known is that Bratislava will lift the ban on Ukrainian grain as soon as the implementation process is completed. In return, the Ukrainians will also freeze the complaint raised at the WTO against Slovakia.

The domestic sale of Ukrainian agricultural products is currently banned by Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, and Romania is still negotiating with the Ukrainians to lift the ban.

The debate between Poland and Ukraine about the ban escalated today, and Warsaw announced today that they will not send more weapons to Kiev. A few hours after the announcement, the “sanction” was eased: the government will send all the weapons it promised to Ukraine, but they will not send any more, but they are also open to changing this position.

Update: shortly after the publication of our article, Kiev indicated that they would also start negotiations with Poland to resolve the situation. The first consultations at the level of the Minister of Agriculture have already taken place today.

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