There are already banks in China that have banned foreign vacations

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Ten present and former workers instructed the paper that whereas there had been restrictions on foreign journey in the previous, they’d been expanded in 2021, together with banning some journey, decreasing the quantity and length of journey, introducing stricter licensing processes, and requiring confidentiality, all of which are in China’s previous. in its restrictions launched in 1-2 years.

Individual accounts differed,

however all of them clearly reported elevated scrutiny of abroad journey.

At the identical time, the Chinese authorities additionally determined to map the foreign relations of civil servants and state workers. The measures have an effect on round 7 million civil servants (in line with 2015 knowledge) and 70 million state workers.

For instance, lower-level workers at Beijing and Shanghai-based China Construction Bank (CCB) are solely allowed to journey overseas annually, for a most of 12 days. And the China Development Bank didn’t overthink it: it merely banned foreign journey.

Source: Reuters

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