The Wyze Cam OG series goes back to basics, and more

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Wyze Labs announced a pair of affordable home security cameras in its all-new Wyze Cam OG series on Tuesday. Both cameras will be $4 off for a limited time.

The Wyze Cam OG covers all the features you’d expect to find in an entry-level indoor/outdoor security camera ($24, $20 for a limited time): 1080p resolution, color night vision, and weather resistance IP65. The $34 OG Telephoto Cam ($30 for a limited time) features a 3x telephoto lens, but has a much narrower field of view (27 degrees). Aside from that, both cameras shared the same feature set.

Like the one recently announced Wyze CamPan v3, the Wyze Cam OG line is IP65 water resistant which means they are fully protected against dust and can withstand splashes of water jets from any direction. Gone is the accordion mount of previous generations – this is replaced by a new swivel mount on the bottom of each camera. Wyze says it has upgraded the cameras’ microphones and speakers, and the base OG cam features a motion-activated spotlight above the lens. The company says notification speeds have been updated and the app experience has been reworked to make setting up motion zones and navigating through events more manageable.

Are two cameras better than one?

origin 1The Wyze Cam OG telephoto and Wyze Cam OG can be stacked using an optional double-ended power cord.

Wyze Labs

While Wyze says users can use both cameras independently, the two are designed to work in tandem. With Wyze’s optional stacking mount (coming soon), you’ll be able to stack cameras together to get two views of the same area, giving you a closer look at an area of ​​interest.

For example, you may want a wide view of your porch, but a close look at whoever is at your door or at your mailbox. Some security cameras, including the EZVIZ C8PF and the Eufy Video Doorbell Duo, accomplishes this mission by integrating two lenses into a single camera housing. But neither of these products offer the flexibility to aim both lenses at significantly different angles, and they’re both significantly more expensive than Wyze’s solution.

Where does this Wyze Cam v3 go?

Wyze says its $36 Wyze Cam V3 will remain in its lineup, in part because it’s an integral feature of the Wyze Cam projector ($94). In addition to projecting a much larger pool of light, this combo fixture can support a second wyzecam v3

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