The warning was withdrawn: the storm is not approaching

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According to the danger signal sent to MTI, a first-degree (yellow) alert is still in effect due to the threat of thunderstorms in the counties of Baranya, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Somogy, Vas, Veszprém and Zala.

According to the warning issued by the meteorological service for Saturday, the atmosphere will be unstable mainly in the western part of Transdanubia, as a result of which thunderstorms should be expected from the early afternoon.

The cells that move rapidly from the northwest to the southeast may be accompanied by wind gusts exceeding 70-80 kilometers per hour in some places, – mostly 1-2 centimeters of ice, in some places more than 2 centimeters – and intense precipitation. In the evening, the thunderstorms – in smaller numbers – can also spread to the Danube-Tisza river.

On Sunday, the conditions for the formation of thunderstorms will become favorable in the eastern half of the country, the thunderstorms may be accompanied by temporary strengthening of the wind and, in some places, small grains of ice.

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