The Ukrainians can acquire a formidable combat capability, a missile program is launched

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“A missile program in Ukraine has been officially approved, for which resources are already being allocated from the budget. This will allow Ukraine to produce its own missiles with a range of more than a thousand kilometers, and we have very good prospects for this,” the RBK-Ukraine news portal quoted the minister as saying. He noted that Ukrainian companies are the executors of this program. Reznykov recalled the successful Neptun project, thanks to which Ukrainian forces sank the Russian flagship in the Black Sea called Moscow.

In its evening situation report, the Ukrainian General Staff wrote: it has information that the Russians are placing the civilian residents who were evacuated in the occupied part of the Kherson region after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in the same buildings where Russian soldiers are also stationed.

“In the settlements of the temporarily occupied territory of Herszon county, the Russian occupiers continue to use the consequences of the crime they committed for their own purposes: people evacuated from the flooded settlements are placed in boarding houses and sanatoriums where military units are already stationed. Thus, the Russians hide behind the civilian population and try to protect them themselves,” said the general staff.

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