The Ukrainians attacked Russian territory on Saturday

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The Ukrainians fired at Novaya Tavoljanka, where several power lines were damaged, so four other nearby settlements – Arkhangelskoye, Murom, Hamino and Ziborovk – also had no electricity. It is understood that no one was injured in the attack, but several residential buildings were damaged. Similar attacks are common in Belgorod.

Meanwhile, Mikhail Razvozsayev, the governor of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia, announced that the fire in the oil warehouse that was hit by a drone attack on Saturday was contained. According to the official, four oil tanks caught fire. Two drones managed to hit one target each, a third was shot down in the air, and a fourth was radio-electronically deactivated.

In contrast, Ukrainian intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov claimed that more than ten tanks containing oil derivatives were destroyed in the warehouse, with a total capacity of about forty thousand tons. The oil was intended for the Russian fleet in the Black Sea by the Russian military command.

So far, Ukraine has not officially announced that its forces carried out the attack. Sevastopol has been attacked several times since the start of the war in Ukraine.

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