the tragedy of Moses in the public field

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They saw him go towards a low wall, suddenly collapse. It might have seemed a trivial failure, however, Moses Kamara, A 17-year-old basketball fan, has never recovered. And he died under the eyes of his friends, of his older brother who was there with him and of other kids who crowd the gardens and basketball court of the public park in Largo Passamonti, in San Lorenzo, under the ring road in the afternoon. It was 7pm on Saturday, between a shot for the basket, a laugh and some teasing, the boy didn’t feel well, he didn’t even have time to ask for help. “He died next to that bench,” indicates a boy. Many began to call 112 and 118. Minutes, moments, interminable. «The ambulance operators tried for forty minutes to revive him – now tells Joseph, his brother – but there was nothing to do. Maybe if there had been a defibrillator in the park, my brother Moses would have been saved. ” Instead, the health workers who arrived together with the agents of the San Lorenzo police station were left with nothing more than to ascertain the death of the young man. A shock for the family and for the many children who frequent the park. The whole neighborhood is shaken. Even the councilor for the Social of the II Municipio, Rino Fabiano, ran to ascertain what had happened. Many have asked him about the defibrillator.

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Until a few years ago, the public garden was in absolute decay, at the mercy of drug dealers, alcohol and drifters. Here we also often saw little Desireé Mariottini, the sixteen-year-old Latina who was drugged, raped and left to die by drug dealers in the crack house in nearby Via dei Lucani in October 2018. Then the boys took care of the basketball court. neighborhood, helped by some adults. And this is how the San Lollo Playground group was born, which will soon become a real association to participate in some tournaments. The gate has also been closed in the evening for a couple of months, but there are still holes in the damaged fence. The echo of that pitch where basketball lovers gather had reached Cisterna di Latina where Moses, wing of the Fortitudo Cisterna, lived with his parents and three other brothers and sisters. «He wanted so much to go there – explains Joseph again – that Saturday was the first time. And it was also the last to touch the ball. Now there are five of us left at home, the other brothers are smaller. We will miss you enormously. ” Moses’ family is originally from Sierra Leone, but he was born in Italy, in Rome. His cousin and brother remember him as “a special boy, a good person, always smiling, available” and who had a dream: “To fly planes”. And to be able one day to aspire to the patent he studied a lot, “he attended the linguistic high school Massimiliano Ramadù and was very good”.

The lawyer Stefano Succi, one of the promoters of the San Lollo experience says: “Given that the Sante De Sanctis park is a public garden, open and with free access, it is nevertheless one of the most important fields and has numerous basketball players every day , every day of the year. Yet there is no defibrillator that can be kept in a cage. We are making contacts with the Town Hall to understand how to get it ». Stefano was not present on Saturday: «But they called me immediately and I was shocked. Our solidarity goes to that boy and his whole family ». Another association, Planet Solidarity, is fighting for a “cardioprotected” Rome and in the past it had asked for defibrillators to be positioned in all the main squares of the capital. “What happened to my brother Moses – Joseph affirms – must no longer happen to other boys”. An autopsy was ordered on the 17-year-old.


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