The surprise AirPods Pro update targets both Lightning and USB-C models

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Apple has updated the firmware of the second generation AirPods Pro (both the new USB-C variant and the old Lightning variant) to 6A303. It appears to be a follow-up to the bug fix from the larger 6A301 update that added adaptive audio, conversation awareness, and custom volume for users with iOS 17 or macOS Sonoma. It’s possible that this firmware update will also provide security updates, although Apple doesn’t document the rumors like it does for iOS and macOS.

For this version, Apple only promises “Bug fixes and other improvements.” Second Aaronp613 is X (ex Twitter), the firmware also updates the USB-C case of the AirPods Pro.

To see what firmware version your AirPods are running, connect them to your iPhone and do the following:

Open Settings. Select the connected AirPods (at the top). Scroll down past all the options to From section. Look at the Version line.

You can also find this information in General > From > AirPods Pro.

There is no reliable way to force AirPods Pro to update. Rather, they tend to update when connected to an iPhone that is online but not in use. The best thing you can do is plug them in (maybe play some music for a few seconds to make sure they’re connected), then close the case with the earbuds in, put them on a charger, and keep them within range of your iPhone. It may take hours or even days to get the latest firmware.

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