The smartest earphones for the summer are on sale for a Prime Day price

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One of the biggest travel challenges is getting to your destination without speaking the language. MyManu offers an elegant solution to this problem with true wireless CLIK S earphones. These nifty earphones pair with the proprietary translation app MyJuno to let you speak and write in 37 languages, allowing you to converse with over two billion people around the planet.

Rather than learn a new language Starting from scratch, the CLIK buttons on either side of MyManu let you seamlessly switch between listening to your music with HD audio and translating in real time, whether you’re face-to-face with someone or on the phone. Translates one-on-one or group conversations in real time via voice or text, showing the translation in the app clipboard so you always understand what’s going on. Plus, with the phrasebook, you can save frequently used phrases for quick access later. And of course, you can still take calls and read notifications just like you would with other wireless earbuds.

Find out with the MyManu CLIK S translation earphones have been recognized with the CES Innovation Awards. Now through July 14, you can get them 42% off $157 for just $89.97, one of the best prices you’ve ever seen.

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Mymanu CLIK S: Award-Winning Translation Earphones – $89.97

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