The semen of the unvaccinated is the new Bitcoin of the anti-vaccine movement. And they are serious

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The semen of the unvaccinated is the new Bitcoin of the anti-vaccine movement. And they are serious Unvaccinated people have approximately 29 times more likely to be hospitalized by Covid than those who are vaccinated, according to CDC studies. And yet, the fight against the pandemic is focused on approximately 93 millions of people who can receive their dose but have chosen not to receive it in the US. They call themselves the “vaxcluded”: workers who do not want to be inoculated and are irritated by the ostracism. And of course, the confrontation between those who have received the vaccine and those who reject it is increasingly evident.

The battle Of the anti-vaccines has reached the point that it has become a cryptocurrency: “Unvaxxed Sperm” . One that basically says that vaccines affect fertility and that the sperm of unvaccinated people will be worth a fortune one day.

“Unvaxed sperm “, the cryptocurrency . When accessing its web portal , a message in large letters appears immediately on the screen: β€œAre you vaccinated? Otherwise”. If you give “Yes”, forget about access. “Unvaxxed Sperm” launched just over a week ago and has seen radical growth. Although this weekend, the price fell again , leaving many on his Telegram channel questioning the future of the coin, which is marketed as ” nuBTC “. Who is behind such a project? Anti-vaccine and investors who claim without foundation that the 92% of the population does not need to be vaccinated and they advocate that Covid can be medicated with remedies such as ivermectin.

Although the developers promise to enrich investors , they say their plan is to use nature He raises his coin “memeable” to go viral and attract people to his community, promising other projects including “Pure Blood,” a version of Tinder, cryogenically frozen unvaccinated sperm, and something called “Project Super Sperm.”

# nuBTC # UnVaxxedSperm is mooning @ SpermBSC 🌞

β€” Crypto Messiah πŸ•πŸˆπŸΊπŸ¦πŸ―πŸπŸ¦πŸ¦šπŸ£πŸ‰πŸ·πŸ‡πŸ‹πŸ¦ŽπŸ¦πŸ•ŠπŸŒžΦŽ (@ 1goonrich) December 1, 2021 Trend . Many of these new projects in crypto seek to attract investors by promoting a vague and unrealistic roadmap of new features and experiences, such as an app or a game. And some of these promises turn out to be part of the appeal of a scam in the end. Meanwhile, the web page for “Unvaxxed Sperm” (where creators usually present their schematics in detail) is blank and just says “cumming soon” .

The developers say they were inspired by the success of a cryptocurrency “Let’s Go Brandon” which gained some momentum last month when right-wing commentator Candace Owens endorsed it. But there are already protesters in anti-vaccine protests holding signs that say: “Unvaxxed Sperm is the new Bitcoin.”

Pure blood and other crazy things. The developers also plan to release a version of Tinder for the “pure blood”. The term, which comes from the books of Harry Potter , has become a rallying cry for unvaccinated people who are trying to claim the term as a way to promote their “superiority” about their vaccinated fellow citizens. From here, however, the project plans get even more ambitious and unhinged.

The launch planned for the first half of 2022 is he “Freedom Apothecary”, a market online where people can buy “prohibited supplements and drugs” like ivermectin (using their crypto Unvaxxed Sperm, of course). And in the third quarter of 2022, they plan to launch “Operation Noah’s Ark”, a repository for the cryogenic freezing of unvaccinated sperm and ovules , which in the worst case “would be necessary for the continuity of the human race.”

Swindle? Not even they know . Cryptocurrency is a branch, or fork, of SafeMoon , a cryptocurrency that went viral earlier this year thanks to the support of celebrities like Jake Paul and KEEMSTAR. A person behind the project spoke in an interview with Vice and he commented that he has a group of around seven “cryptocurrency veterans” advising him on the project. When the outlet pointed out that the anonymity surrounding the project could create the feeling that the whole thing could be a scam, officials said such a situation was not unusual in crypto circles, and that one of the benefits of blockchain was privacy and anonymity.

Yes While this is true, that aspect of the cryptoculture has also allowed many scam developers to disappear with people’s money without getting caught, and has fostered a trend of promoting so-called “developers of doxxed “to give legitimacy to a project by having a public face.

No, it does not affect sperm . Studies have shown that getting vaccinated does not affect quality nor the sperm count. “There is evidence that the vaccine is safe for men and does not affect sperm production / quality”, explained Tony Chen , clinical professor of urology at Stanford School of Medicine. Then? Many cryptocurrencies attract investors with promises of profits that ultimately do not happen. And in the case of “Unvaxxed Sperm”, the cryptocurrency is just the beginning of his plans. Next up will be a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, which the developers say will allow investors to vote on a variety of issues, including which groups or individuals the project should donate money to.

This list includes a who’s who of doctors, influencers, and vaccine scammers, who already make a lot of money talking and selling bogus health supplements based on all the infamy surrounding the vaccine community. In fact, with a quick crawl on their memes-filled Telegram channel where investors communicate with each other and with developers, it becomes clear that the people who are investing there are not interested in hearing anything about the effectiveness of ivermectin. and they are only interested in making money.

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