“The Russians have arrived in the capital”

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War in Ukraine, an Italian journalist talked about the Russian bombs that are hitting Kiev and the advance of the Moscow army.

The correspondent of Republic, Fabio Tonaccihe told of the Russian bombings that are falling on Kiev and the way in which the war has now reached the gates of the capital of Ukraine.

War in Ukraine, Italian journalist talks about the bombs on Kiev: “The Russians have arrived in the capital”

THE debris from a missile Russian shot down in Kiev hit a residential building and a trolleybus on Kyrylivska Street. The dramatic scene was experienced by many and described by the correspondent from Republic, Fabio Tonacciwhich at the time of the destruction of the Russian missile was in the vicinity of the place overwhelmed by the fall of debris.

In this regard, the reporter sent to Kiev said: “They are bombing the city. We are in Kiev, right in the center.

We are not in the suburbs. We are not close to the airport. There are no military bases nearby. A missile just fell. They say there is a dead man ”.

The images then spread by Tonacci supported his story, showing injured people, a seriously damaged building in the area, a shop that decided to remain open despite the damage suffered and the trolleybus was destroyed. Finally, a person is on the ground near a car.

The shooting down of the Russian missile caused one dead and six wounded.

Commenting on the incident, the correspondent of Republic declared: “The war has arrived in Kiev“.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitalij Klyckoposted a video on Telegram to show the aftermath of the Russian bombing, stating: “The orcs are trying to destroy our city and kill the peaceful people of Kiev. One person was killed and six were injured“.

The advance of the troops sent from Moscow to Kiev

On Monday, March 14, Russian missiles began to strike Kiev starting at early dawn.

A rocket hit a nine-story residential building located in Obolon: some houses caught fire after the impact. The bombing caused the death of one person and ten injured while about seventy residents were evacuated.

Another missile raid, on the other hand, focused on the Antonov aeronautical plantkilling two people.

Meanwhile, Russian troops are gradually approaching Kiev. In this regard, the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrova loyalist of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shared a video on Telegram in which he shows himself at a table while he is intent on define the war plans. The Chechen leader also reported being in the vicinity of Kiev, a Gostomel, and said: “The other day we were about 20 kilometers away from you Nazis. We are now closer. Give up or we’ll finish you off“.

Zelensky: “We will rebuild everything”

On the bombings that are devastating the capital, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskywho shared a video on his Telegram account to send a message of hope to the population.

Specifically, the Ukrainian leader said: “The Russians continue to destroy our infrastructure but know that we will rebuild everythingevery street, every city, every apartment… I’m sure that after the war we will do it quickly why there we will concentrate all our strength, all aid in the world. We are already forming funds for the aftermath ”.

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