The Russians destroy the Ukrainian artillery: they will not be happy about this number in Kiev

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Most of the losses are American-made, Cold War M109 self-propelled howitzers given, at least 22 of these have already been lost by the Kiev forces. The second biggest loss on the list is Poland AHS Krab self-propelled howitzer, 18 of which have been proven to have been fired from vehicles.

NATO has so far delivered a total of 355 Western-made self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, so the loss rate is 14.08%. In itself, this does not seem so terrible, but

  • Oryx’s list does not include all war losses, because not everything is recorded, so the real loss is much higher,
  • there is little chance that Ukraine will again be able to obtain a larger quantity of self-propelled howitzers from its Western friends, apart from the Kraboks. Ukraine mostly received weapons that are no longer manufactured, and those that are, are being rolled off the assembly line at a very slow pace.

Worth noting: there is a slight discrepancy between the newly published data of Oryx and the among the entire Ukrainian casualty list. The latter shows the loss of not 22, but 35 M109s and not 18, but 21 Krabs.

In the latter list, therefore, not 50, but a total of 71 NATO-made Ukrainian gun losses are indicated, which is a loss rate of around 20%.

It is important to note again: the true loss rate is probably even higher.

By the way, quite a large part of the loss was caused by Russian Lancet drones.

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