The Russians could have blocked the gates of Ukrainian exports with the bombing

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According to the official, the Russians are shelling the coastal and central parts of the county seat. He has not yet released any further details.

As a result of the explosion of the Kahovka hydropower plant, the Dnieper (Dnieper) river below Zaporizhzhya will not be navigable for a long time, said Yevhen Ihnatenko, head of the Ukrainian Shipping Directorate.

A terrorist act by the Russian Federation will have catastrophic consequences for the entire region, especially for shipping. Due to the flooding of the areas, the infrastructure of the ports and terminals in the region was destroyed or seriously damaged, and many ships sank.

he explained. According to Ihnatenko, Kahovkai was the last lock on the Dnieper, from which all ships could head for the open sea.

In fact, the gates of Ukrainian exports were closed to us

– He told.

The water level of the Kahovka reservoir drops by 10 centimeters per hour. If the water level downstream of the Zaporizhzhya lock falls below the permitted level, it will not be navigable

– he stated, adding that the civilian ships still stranded in the Kahovka reservoir are being relocated to Zaporizhzhya so that they do not remain aground. “For the second day, the administration is actively cooperating with the ship owners whose ships are currently in the water area of ​​the Kakhovka reservoir. These are about fifty ships. Our task is to ensure the unhindered relocation of the ships through the Zaporizhzhya lock,” Ikhnatenko said.

In a statement, the state company Ukrhidroenergo, which operates the Kahovka hydropower plant, informed that the water level in the Kahovka reservoir dropped by almost one meter during the past day.

The governor of Herszon County reported that the average level of the flood on Thursday morning was 5.61 meters. 600 square kilometers of the region were under water, 32 percent of which was on the Ukrainian-controlled right bank of the Dnieper River, and 68 percent on the Russian-occupied left bank. He added that the people in Herszon county are tired, but now they can provide them with everything they need, the evacuation continues, but many residents refuse to leave the region.

Cover photo: The partial destruction of the Nova Kahovka reservoir on the Dnieper River was caused by a flood in Herson on June 7, 2023. MTI/AP/Felipe Dana

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