The Russian soldiers are at a loss: the weapons they recently received are unusable

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The video below shows the air defense weapon systems that were taken from the weapon depots of the Russian Ministry of Defense, underwent major repairs and were recently handed over to the battlefield formation.

The soldier belonging to the unit says that none of the vehicles are in usable condition, and half of them cannot even be repaired.

In addition, a period of several months or even half a year must be expected for vehicles that can still be brought into combat condition.

After that, the speaker gives a detailed description of the problems: out of the six, one cannot be launched, two have problems with the control of the weapon systems, while the remaining three simply exploded in flight.

An anti-aircraft missile battery equipped with Tunguskas consists of six such transport-launch vehicles, meaning that the above unit has become completely incapacitated. The 2K22 was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and entered service in 1982. This anti-aircraft weapon system formed the basis of the more modern Pancír-Sz systems.

So far, Russia has 13 modernized Tunguskas he lost proven in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The cover image is an illustration. Source of cover image: Wikimedia Commons

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