The Russian army attacks in several sectors, airports came under fire – Our news from the Ukrainian front on Wednesday

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Stoltenberg: Moscow would again use the winter as a weapon

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Russia is stepping up its attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and is once again preparing to use winter as a weapon of war, so it is important that the alliance continues to support Ukraine.

He welcomed the announcement by Belgium and Denmark that they would deliver F-16 jets to Ukraine, and Canada’s donation of tens of millions of dollars worth of winter clothing and equipment. He also praised Germany’s one-billion-euro package, which focuses on the Patriot and IRIS-T air defense systems.

Stoltenberg said the allies had agreed on a program aimed at making Ukraine’s armed forces fully compatible with those of future NATO allies.

He confirmed that NATO would step up its support to help Ukraine weather another difficult winter. This includes appropriate clothing against cold weather, increasing demining capabilities, providing fuel and transporting medical equipment. This will help the brave Ukrainian forces to survive the cold, he said.

Stoltenberg also mentioned that Russia has announced that it is preparing a draft law to withdraw the nuclear test ban treaty. In his opinion, this shows that the Kremlin does not respect and continues to ignore its international commitments, and its recklessness threatens global norms against testing nuclear explosive devices.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to intimidate us with nuclear blackmail, using his nuclear rhetoric to prevent NATO allies from supporting Ukraine, but he will not succeed

he said.

He stated that NATO continues to monitor very closely what Moscow is doing in this area, but noted that the Atlantic alliance does not see any change in Russia’s nuclear behavior for the time being.


The United States is sending another $200 million in military aid to Ukraine

On Wednesday, the United States announced another 200 million dollars (about HUF 75 billion) worth of military aid to Ukraine for its fight with Russia.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Defense, the package made available from the stocks of the US Army includes air defense equipment, anti-tank weapons and other equipment.

The item list of the shipment includes anti-aircraft missiles, anti-drone devices, 105 and 155 millimeter projectiles, HIMARS missiles, precision tools, destructive projectiles, small arms and their projectiles, as well as parts and equipment necessary for the maintenance and repair of previously provided equipment.

The Pentagon’s announcement states that the United States, together with its allies, is committed to providing Ukraine with important tools to meet immediate battlefield needs, and at the same time calls on Congress to adopt the budget framework necessary to continue support to Ukraine.

The document calls security assistance to Ukraine a smart investment in national security. He notes that military aid helps prevent a wider conflict in the region, while strengthening the foundations of the US defense industry and creating high-skill jobs for the American people.


Russian Ministry of Defense: an advance took place at Avgyijivka

The Russian army occupied more favorable positions on the front in the vicinity of Avgyijivka in Donetsk county, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced in its war report issued on Wednesday.

Speaking to the RIA Novostyi news agency, Jan Gagin, adviser to the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said that Russian forces have reached the border of the village of Berdich, located northwest of Avgyiivka near Donetsk, threatening the supplies of the Ukrainian defense. He said Russian forces had advanced about 400 meters during the day at Marjinka.

By the way, the Moscow military ministry reported 14 repulsed attacks, ten of which were attempted counterattacks in the Kupyansk area.


Ukraine receives money from Croatia

Croatia will donate an additional five million euros to Kyiv for the demining of the country, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced on Wednesday, at the opening of the two-day international donation conference to help demining Ukraine in Zagreb.


Belgium is also sending F-16s to Ukraine

After Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, Belgium is also sending F-16 fighter-bombers to Ukraine – Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder announced this.

The fighter-bombers will arrive in the besieged country in 2025, it is not known exactly how many planes Kiev will receive.

Zelensky asks NATO for help

Ukraine expects support from NATO member countries to ensure one of the most challenging resilience during the coming winter, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said in Brussels on Wednesday.

Zelenskiy – who came with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to the two-day meeting of the defense ministers of the member countries – said: first of all, we need to talk about how, with the help of the member states, Ukraine can push the Russian army beyond the borders and the war can be ended.


Artillery attack on Belgorod

Ukraine fired artillery weapons at Popovka, a village in Belgorod Oblast, within Russia’s internationally recognized borders.

The incident has two fatalities.

Zelensky appeared in Brussels

The Ukrainian leader will consult with NATO leaders and will try to obtain new arms shipments for Ukraine.

Putin is going to Kyrgyzstan

Russian President Vladimir Putin is traveling to Kyrgyzstan to hold high-level talks with the country’s leadership. The subjects are unknown.

Ukrainian commandos received new drones

PD-2 drones were received from civilian volunteers of the Special Operations Forces of the SzBU of Ukraine.

Civilians collected 30 million hryvnias for the commandos, from which they bought two PD-2s and a control complex.

ORFK report

On October 10, 2023, 4,786 people entered the territory of Hungary at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border between midnight and midnight. Among those who entered the Romanian-Hungarian border section, 4,208 people declared that they came from Ukraine.


The Russian army attacks in several sectors, airports came under fire – Our news from the Ukrainian front on Wednesday

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