The Riksdag folds billions more weapons for Ukraine

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Published: Today 12.58

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Åsa Westlund (S), chairman of the former full-screen Finance Committee, says the green-and-red parties and the center party support the proposal for another billion to Ukraine for the purchase of weapons.

1 of 2Photo: Ali Lorensani / TT

The green-and-red parties and the Riksdag Center Party also support the opposition’s proposal of a billion more to Ukraine for, among other things, weapons.

This will bring two billion to the country, regardless of whether the budget and pension proposals of the government or the opposition win.

– During the war, we worked to be able to send more weapons to Ukraine. But it always has to be weighed against our ability to defend ourselves, says finance committee chairman Åsa Westlund (S).

– We hope that during the summer there will be an opportunity to send more and so we want the opportunity for the government to do so, says Westlund that the parties in the committee agree to increase the government authorization by one billion crowns .

This comes on top of the billion that the government is proposing in the revised proposal for the spring amending budget, the one that was presented last Friday. Government parties changed their minds over the weekend.

Ahead of the first meeting of the Finance Committee on the government’s revised budget proposal on Monday, the opposition has asked for an additional billion on top of the one already included in the government proposal.

– I am happy that the other parties (read: S, MP, V and C) support our proposal on Ukraine, says the spokesperson for the economic policy of the moderates Elisabeth Svantesson.

– We must also do more to support Ukraine against Putin, they for this fight for us too, he says.

Voting on Wednesday

Aside from the extra-Ukrainian billion, it is in principle the same proposal from last week that both sides present before the committee debate and vote on Wednesday on the spring amending budget.

The difference is that the government, the Left Party, the Green Party and the Center Party now have a pension proposal in the budget proposal that everyone supports. Against this are opposition pension proposals backed by moderates, Christian Democrats, Swedish Democrats and Liberals, and proposals for more money for the police, among others.

The opposition proposal will be the main proposal of the committee as M, KD, SD and L have the majority in the committee. The government, V, MP has its proposal, backed by C, on a reservation.

One vote decides

However, if all members follow their party line in Wednesday’s vote, the government’s proposal can win. This is because S, MP, V and C have a majority in the House if former left party member Amineh Kakabaveh also votes with them.

He asked the government to vote yes and has not yet said how he will be.

The government said the goal is for the increase in guarantee pensions under the government’s proposal to be paid as early as August. That would mean around 800 SEK more per month after tax for retirees with the lowest pensions.

The Swedish Pensions Agency now considers that it is possible.

– We believe we will be able to make the payment in August, Johan Andersson, press officer of the Swedish Pension Agency, told TT.

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