the positive account returns to one million

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ROME From the stop to the state of emergency, which starts at the end of the month, to the farewell to Green passthe step could be short: from 1 May any type of Green pass should be stopped to access the indoor areas, and already from 1 April the vaccination or recovery certificate should be eliminated from Covid for access to hotels and outdoor venues.
This is the hypothesis under study and which will be discussed this week by the Council of Ministers, with a new decree on the horizon, while keeping vigilance on infections high. Yes, because yesterday the number of positive people at Covid returned to almost one million.


From 1 May, therefore, the stop at the Green pass should be triggered for access to indoor places, from restaurants to cinemas to various types of activities. The Council of Ministers will evaluate this hypothesis after the meeting of the control room, also scheduled for this week, for an in-depth analysis of the road map for easing the restrictive measures against the pandemic.

The road map for easing the measures would include the elimination of the Super Green pass for access to hotels, keeping only the basic certificate, starting from April 1st. However, the possibility of abolishing any type of Green pass for access to hotels is not excluded.

Also from April 1st, the hypothesis under consideration is also to allow access to public transport only with the basic Green pass, while the elimination of any type of certificate for outdoor places would be envisaged.

The first slackening, therefore, after the stop to the state of emergency set for March 31st, could take place from April 1st: via the Green pass in outdoor venues, with the basic certificate required on public transport. Further easing of the restrictive measures would then trigger, from May 1st, in a path of gradual return to normality: from May 1st, farewell to the Green pass in closed premises and hypothesis of a basic certificate at work for the over 50s. expiry of the vaccination obligation for the over 50s. The decree on the road map for easing the measures should be dismissed by the Council of Ministers within the week.

On the road map for easing the restrictive measures against the pandemic, however, the unknown contagion hangs. Yesterday the number of Covid positive people rose to just under one million (999,504), with an increase of 13,882 in 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. In total, therefore, there are 13,373,207 Italians infected since the beginning of the pandemic, while the deaths rise to 156,868. The discharged and healed are 12,216,835, with an increase of 36,111 compared to Saturday, and with the daily bulletin which yesterday recorded 48,886 new infections from Covid, with 86 victims and with the positivity rate increased to 14.8%, up from 12.9% on Saturday. Regarding the positivity rate, however, he notes that 330,028 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus were carried out in 24 hours, while on Saturday there were 417,777.
The resurgence of infections, however, should not slow down the road map of reopening, with the end of the obligation of any Green pass to sit at the outdoor tables of bars and restaurants, and with the aim of reaching a summer without restrictions.

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