The next AirPods Pro update may be about USB-C

By Microsoft 2 Min Read


While everyone expects Apple to switch from Lightning to USB-C when it releases the iPhones 15 later this year, a new report suggests it may not be the only USB-C product to make an appearance in 2023. According to Ming-Chi KuoApple will also launch a USB-C version of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro charging case.

Kuo reports that the new case, which lines up with the model number that was spotted in iOS 16.4 code, will be shipped in “2Q23-3Q23” or between April and September. That means it could arrive alongside the iPhone 15 at the fall event and start shipping in mid-September. Prior to the arrival of the second-generation model, Apple previously updated the AirPods Pro case with MagSafe charging in October 2021.

The new case shouldn’t bring any improvements other than the new port. The second generation AirPods Pro case features a speaker and lanyard loop, and can also be charged with an Apple Watch charger.

Notably, Kuo also says that Apple “currently appears to have no plans for USB-C versions” of its other AirPods cases for the 2nd and 3rd generation models. That could mean Apple is planning broader changes to those models than just a new case. (Apple is said to be releasing a low-end AirPods Lite model for $99.) Or it’s possible that the new case simply arrives when Apple update your AirPods 3 next year.

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